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from the Source

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Books by Alexandra Kind

Just like my blog and videos, my books present channeled messages from the Divine Source.

The first two books I wrote show God's perspective on human history and on our lives in the here and now. I am very excited to have them published.

The first book "The Secret of the Earth" talks about how it came about that we live in a world that is "separated" from God. It also explains how it came to be that there are so many problems, diseases, wars and much more. Once we understand the background of our current situation, we are more capable of opening up to a better world and working on it as well. God also explains us in this book how each of us can contribute something to it, to all return to a world full of light together, without overextending ourselves in the process.

The second book, "History Rewritten", goes into detail about what has happened since the time of Atlantis. The reader will find many clear examples of how he can (re)live his life happily today.

I receive the words of God in German, so these two books are also written in German.

I also plan to write more books in the future. I am already looking forward to it.